London Town: LDN x ART

I’ve been M.I.A for the past four months and I wish I could say I didn’t spend all that time trying to keep together all my mental strings. But I’ve survived assignment and exam season relatively unscathed, so you have a lot of fresh material coming your way over the following months!

I can’t say this post is exactly ‘fresh’. My mind gets nostalgic under pressure and I found myself longing to relive last summer, rather than type another letter for another assignment. So that’s why we’re here now, looking through throwback pictures from last year. Keep scrolling to frolic down memory lane with me, admire the traditional and contemporary masterpieces in Tate Britain and Modern, and gush at some of London’s beauty.


DSC00542 (1280x960)

DSC00551 (1280x960)DSC00552 (1280x960)DSC00553 (1280x960)DSC00554 (1280x960)DSC00555 (1280x960)DSC00556 (1280x960)DSC00564 (1280x960)DSC00592 (1280x960)DSC00595 (1280x960)

DSC00615 (1280x960)DSC00612 (1280x960)DSC00611 (1280x960)DSC00607 (1280x960)DSC00603 (1280x960)DSC00601 (1280x960)DSC00600 (1280x960)DSC00620 (1280x960)DSC00621 (1280x960)Do you have any favourite pieces? Let me know below!

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