Must Have: Slipper Vibes with FENTY PUMA by Rihanna Slides

MAIN HEADER.pngRihanna always has put in that work, work, work, work, work when it comes to designing and collaborating with brands. From coming out with her own fragrance, to collaborating with MAC, to even bringing out her own collection of socks with Stance (with a third collaboration in the works already!).

As if that wasn’t enough, one of the hottest fashion collaborations of 2015 involved Rihanna. If you don’t know what I’m referring to there, then you might just need to roll out from under that rock you’ve been living under. Riri and PUMA have been coming out with some hot new things, like the pieces in the Fenty x PUMA Autumn/Winter 2016/17 show during her NY Fashion Week debut (bringing in Gigi and Bella Hadid to strut in Ri’s stuff on the walk), and releasing hotly anticipated ‘The Creeper’ and ‘The Trainer’. One of which sold out pretty much immediately after being made available for purchase. Twice. I see the same happening for her new awaited release: The Fur Slide.


Set to be available to the public on 22nd April, the faux fur slides really exude that air of sport-chic. Which if you haven’t noticed is really in right now, so I suggest that you’re on the PUMA site (or ASOS and Office) by 10 a.m. that morning if you want to cop a pair. Also ensure that you have around £60/$80 to splash on these hunnies because you don’t want to disappoint yourself. For a pair of slides, yes, they are a little pricy. Are they worth that little dent in your bank account, though? Maybe you shouldn’t ask me, seeing as I’ve already sectioned off and set aside the dollas I’ll need for a pair. I might be ever so slightly biased.

Steering slightly away from the gothic, monochrome feel to Ri’s PUMA fashion show, these luxurious babes are set to come in three colours: black, white and a soft shell pink. A twist on PUMA’s Leadcat slides, they feature an emblazoned PUMA logo on the thick, satin lined strap and just under your heel is the silver mark of ‘Fenty by Rihanna’. They also have the PUMA logo embossed on the side of the sole. PUMA really want everyone to know whose slides they are and I can’t even blame their pride.

Picture7Picture8Picture9Fur on slides has actually been a thing before Rihanna though, believe it or not. Plenty of boutiques on Instagram and Etsy have been selling heavily sought after custom slides for a while, adorning our well-loved Adidas and Nike slides in all kinds of coloured furs (white, pink, black, burgundy and the list goes on). Check out ShopIcxy to find some great (and much cheaper) alternatives [pictured below] to Rihanna’s PUMA slides!

So you have the who, the what and the when, complete with a dupe if you don’t want to damage your account for a pair of slides. Or a pair of ‘glorified slippers’ as my mother called them, an incredulous expression on her face, when I first showed them to her. But this comment actually brings us on to the next question you might want to know. HOW in the world would you style them? Rihanna herself is an option for inspo – her well known sports luxe and slinky bedroom looks are perfect for these fancy slides. On her cover issue of The FADER, Rihanna rocks her shell pair with a silk strappy dress, layered on top of a sporty nude tee.Picture2.png

She’s the queen of sexy silk and satin slips, and she’s never been afraid to mix classy with the everyday.

So that’s how I would opt to style them (if I manage to get my hands on a pair, then I will most definitely be posting some ‘fits) – a silky cami midi, slinky bomber, sporty cap and some PUMA socks!Picture5

Wait. Has this chick paired my favourite ever Topshop trousers with my favourite ever slides? Y to the A to the S!

Leaving the house in a pair of these will only make you feel like you’re leaving behind a 10,000 square foot mansion (complete with your own indoor basketball court and infinity swimming pool). The only thing left for you to do now is decide whether the black, white or shell are the ones that speak to you most. You won’t have time to hover with indecisiveness on the morning of the 22nd!

Would you slide your feet into a pair of Fenty x PUMA slides? Or would you rather pass on the slippers?

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